Lyssa Skeahan 

I have nothing but BLESSED words for and about Miss Su and her Empowerment Coaching! Her passion and desire to help and talk to you are kind of overwhelming [in a good way, if you aren’t used to that!]. I was and am so impressed with the ease at which I found myself in talking about things that were even a surprise to me! Su is comforting, warm, passionate and open-hearted … that comes out in her voice and you can hear and feel her encouragement and her true nature in wanting to guide you … to help you recognize your individuality and find your blessed path. At least, for me, that is what I am finding … I will continue to over turn rocks [obstructions for me] and I will continue to learn about myself and my path and where it’s leading me. I have a MAJOR goal coming up in a couple of months and I’m kinda scared to death right now. Things are unfolding in front of my eyes as the manifesting is WORKING … I need to shed the fear and find the edge to jump off of. I have zero doubt that Su’s encouraging words are part of the manifestation to my dreams coming true ….. THANK YOU, SU!!!!

Kristen Andersen 

I was a little skeptical when I first started my coaching sessions and I kept second guessing my decision to work with a life coach. However, after a few weeks of working with Su I realize it was one of the best decisions I have made.
Su has helped me to look inside myself, shut down the negative voices, who now have a name, and to be the best possible me! I had a few specific goals when going into this process and Su has helped me reach them in a positive and healthy way.
She created a great environment for me to open up and feel safe talking and working through issues that I had already confronted and ones that I did not even know where lurking deep within my brain.
After working with Su I would suggest that everyone work with a life coach sometime in their lifetime. Furthermore, if you have the opportunity to work directly with Su I would 100% recommend her.

Paula Canavero

I never thought I’d be one to have a life coach until I met Su.  She has a unique gift in helping you bring out and develop your full potential. She coached me through finding solutions that were holding me back from being the best me, at work, at home or just with myself! I highly recommend her.

 Frank Macri

Su is a sharp, powerful and dedicated coach. She knows exactly when to give gentle support and provide a loving kick in the butt. I highly recommend her services for those ready to take their lives to the next level.

Sam Salenger

Su is an amazing coach! I worked with Su over several weeks and she challenged me to be my absolute best! I learned so much about myself working with Su, and learned what I was capable of and how I was holding myself back from success and confidence. With Su’s help I found my voice, got down to work in a new and exciting way and I feel great!

 Randy Edgar

Su is amazing. She’s been able to help coach me with figuring out not only how to reach our family goals but also help with determining spec steps on how to get there. A true visionary, Su is so great at helping people become more self aware of their strengths, their goals and the gremlins which get in the way those goals. Thanks Su!

Erika Sheckells

Su is an amazing coach! She gently helped me figure out that nothing can hold me back but me! Su showed me the way to answer my own questions and determine long and short term goals personally and professionally and have a clear picture of what that will look like. She gave me the tools to be who I want to be on a daily basis and in turn, grow my career. I look forward to working with her in the future. I absolutely recommend her services! You’ll be happy you did it!