My Story

Su Zangara
Certified Professional Coach
Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
Tony Robbins Results Coach

I have struggled with my own negative voices throughout my life.  Like other women, I wondered if I was good enough, smart enough and was my opinion valuable?

Then I started to wonder – how have these negative voices affected the decisions in my life?  What would my life look like had I made decisions without that negative committee that gave me pause and made me act cautiously?  I reached a point in my life where I decided that I wanted to write MY OWN narrative and live by rules that I MADE.  Not made by someone else or some past experience.

And so my journey began.  I started to unravel those rules and voices.  Then I started to take a look at what the truth was and how I wanted to show up in my life.  As I dismantled those limiting beliefs, I started to feel more freedom and empowerment.  Like a caterpillar in a chrysalis, I took the time to develop and grow.  There have been times that I took a wrong turn and fell back into those old rules and negative voices – so, the universe sent me more opportunities to learn.  🙂

My goal is to help move people towards SUCCESS and focus on the future.  We spend so much time listening to the negative voices in our head that hold us back.  I want to help you invest in yourself to best you that you can be!

I have a certification from iPEC, one of the largest International Coaching Federation-accredited coach training schools in the world.  I am a Certified Professional Coach as well as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.  I am also a Tony Robbins Results Coach.