Who asked you anyway??

Have you ever had a really amazing opportunity?  One that could change the trajectory of your life?  Or a potential relationship?  Maybe even a chance to do something you never thought you’d be able to do?  Something that would make you feel accomplished and fulfilled.  But then……that voice in your head starts talking.  That voice that tells you that you can’t do this.  You aren’t good enough.  It’s too difficult and scary anyway.  Plus, nothing ever goes your way so why bother?  You’re not worth it!

Sometimes we are so good at ignoring potential and instead listening to the voices.  We even let those voices make important decisions for us.  Here is what I want to say to those voices..WHO ASKED YOU ANYWAY??  What makes these voices the experts in our lives?  If these voices go unchecked, they can take charge and affect all of our decisions.  They have the power to negatively change the trajectory of our lives.

Our minds are very powerful.  If we let those voices keep telling us that we aren’t smart enough, guess what happens?  Our minds will look for reasons to PROVE that we indeed aren’t smart enough.  Kind of like when you buy a red car and all of a sudden you see red cars everywhere!  Our minds will find what we focus on.

Let’s start today to change our focus.  Let’s start to peel back the layers of the onion and find those negative voices.  And let’s change them!  Let’s change that narrative that they have us living in.  WE GET TO CHOOSE OUR STORY!  We don’t need to let the past or someone else determine what our narrative is.  Pain will happen but suffering is optional.  Let’s take back our power and stand in our awesomeness!  Let’s begin the process of creating that new story so we can feel EMPOWERED as we move forward in our life.

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